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Local Dollars, Local Sense: The Hidden Power of Cooperatives

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By Simone, posted Apr 27, 2012: A group of scholars at the University of Wisconsin recently counted nearly 30,000 cooperatives in the United States operating at 73,000 locations. T Read More

On construction, cake, and local economic regeneration: why we should start with the materials

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By Rob Hopkins, posted May 16, 2012: What might we learn from the construction, between 1438 and 1448 of the Hospital of St. John in Sherborne (see above) that might shape the way Read More

Local Dollars, Local Sense: Investing in Yourself

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By Simone, posted Aug 6, 2012: The following excerpt is from Chapter 10 of Local Dollars Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Acheive Real Prosp Read More

Buying Local Yields More Jobs, Stronger Communities

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By Simone, posted Dec 19, 2011: [Excerpt]: According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of about $700 per person on holiday season shopping this yea Read More

Why even the G8 prefer vibrant, diverse local economies really…

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By Rob Hopkins, posted Jun 12, 2013:   If there was one picture that captured the times we are living through it is this.  It appeared on the BBC website recent Read More

Food Hubs Can Help Grow a More Resilient Food System in Maine

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Locally grown food could soon get a boost in Maine. Photo Credit: *w* via Compfight cc The average Maine meal travels 1,900 miles from field to fork. With that distance come numero Read More

Alienation of land: objections increase

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by Russ Grayson Community gardens seem such a compellingly good idea to many of us. This, unfortunately, is a sentiment not shared by all. Those who assist community gardens make a Read More
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  • By Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network

The Unsettling Attacks on Green Cities and Counties

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Guest blog by Michael Schmitz, Executive Director of ICLEI USA Back in 2010, when Colorado gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes accused Denver’s bicycle sharing program of being Read More

Summary Sustainable Economics forum – Tuesday, 4th Septemeber, 2012

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Hi all you wonderful people who care… We had an energetic gathering for our Sustainable Economics forum on Tuesday night, 4th September, 2012.  Thanks to our three wonde Read More

Can Rebulding Local Food Systems Help Promote Renewable Energy?

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By Philip Ackerman-Leist, posted Apr 29, 2013: This is part 2 of our serialization of Chapter 4 (Energy) from the latest Resilience guide, "Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Cre Read More
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