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Eco-friendly Soda

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Eco-friendly Soda and Environment Enjoy

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Soda happens to be a highly popular drink nowadays but it isn’t exactly eco- friendly. No matter which flavor or brand you prefer, you should think about the soda you are guzzlin Read More
Barbecue Eco-Friendly

Six Tips to Turn Your Barbecue Grill More Eco-Friendly

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It doesn’t matter what you Barbecue Eco-Friendly grill – from lamb kebobs for outdoor parties to hotdogs and hamburgers for the family during the summer – what you should rea Read More
Eco-Friendly Meat

5 Ways to Eat Meat the Eco-Friendly Way

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If you wish to go green, there’s no need to say goodbye to eco-friendly meat completely. Look for small farms… local, organic and grass-fed varieties to fully satisfy those car Read More
Eco-Friendly Wine

Three Ways To Great-Tasting, Eco-Friendly Wine

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Since so many eco-friendly wines are now being classified as “natural”, it may be hard to pinpoint what variety would be the most eco-friendly Read More
Eco-Friendly Chocolate

Three Ways to Get Delicious and Environmentally Friendly Chocolate

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If you’re like any other normal person in today’s world, you must love eco-friendly chocolate. However, this particular guilty pleasure isn’t particularly guilt-free when it Read More
Eco-Friendly Coffee

Six Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee the Eco-Friendly Way

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Before you even sit down for that morning cup of coffee, you should think about ways on how to turn coffee-drinking into a more eco-friendly pastime. Keep reading to find out how t Read More
Eco-Friendly Drinking Water

Six Ways To Getting Eco-Friendly Drinking Water

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Every time you turn on the faucet or get some water to drink, think about this: the world's drinking water is about to dry up. In fact, around a billion people in today’s world h Read More
Eco- Friendly Dining

Five Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly When Dining Out

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Where do you plan on eating out next? Do you want to visit a Chinese or Japanese restaurant? Do you want to eat at a four-star restaurant or at a diner? Would you prefer to eat-in Read More
Eco- Friendly Cooking

Five Tips For Cooking The Environmentally Friendly Way

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If you happen to enjoy making Sunday brunch for your loved ones or regularly make dinner from soup cans, the way you prepare every meal – from your personal type of stove to your Read More
Eat organic.

Eating Eco-Friendly: An Easy Choice

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Becoming an eco-friendly eater is simple really, especially now that many grocery stores provide a plethora of organic and fair trade options. All you have to do is make the right Read More
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