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Green Weddings

Eco-Conscious Green Weddings

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Green Wedding have a long history of tradition, but one thing that’s changed in recent years is the concept of a destination wedding. In the last 15 years, the number of destina Read More
Green weddings by Destiny Celebrations

Top 5 Hints for Having a Green Wedding

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Weddings can make a huge impact on the environment. By remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle and by following some simple tips it's easy to have a green wedding. Read More
Green Dorm

Going Green In the Dorm

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Setting yourself up in a college or university dormitory is a perfect opportunity to make eco-conscious purchases and commit to a green lifestyle. Read More
Green Baby Basics

Eco-Babies: Green Baby Basics

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As any new parent knows, it’s amazing the amount of STUFF you acquire when a baby is on the way! Read More
Green Nursery

The Green Nursery

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Choices are overwhelming when it comes to creating your baby nursery. From paint color to crib style, bedding choice to wall decorations – the choices are endless. But how do y Read More

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Earthnex is a passionate eco-conscious community platform dedicated to advancing environmentally friendly products and eco practices for greener living Read More
Green Home

Home Sweet (Green Home Buying) Home

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As any homeowner knows, green home buying is more than simply “location, location, location”. Beyond location, you likely take into account, home size, style and layout, finan Read More
Eco-Friendly House Shopping

7 Eco-Friendly Tips For House Shopping

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Buying a home is a stressful venture; you have to find financing, you have to find a house that fits your needs plus your family’s needs and you have to find a neighborhood that Read More
Enviromentaly Baby Clothes


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There are so many choices when it comes to dressing your new baby – onesies or tees? Jeans or sweats? Dresses or skirts? Read More
Family on the beach

What Eco Travelers Need to Know About Eco Tourism

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There’s more to a green or eco-friendly lifestyle than everyday living. This article tries to hash out recent concerns on how to be a good eco-traveler in an ecotourism economy. Read More
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