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Eco-Friendlier Pencils

Make Your Pencils Eco-Friendly With Three Simple Tips

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Although computers are a major part of human life and help people do even the most mundane tasks, a pencil is still the most used writing tool used today. Read More
Eco-Friendlier Fish and Seafood

Seven Ways To Eco-Friendlier Fish and Seafood

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Whenever you purchase eco-friendly Fish and Seafood from markets or restaurants, several important things should be taken into consideration such as how the fish and seafood were c Read More
Family on the beach

What Eco Travelers Need to Know About Eco Tourism

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There’s more to a green or eco-friendly lifestyle than everyday living. This article tries to hash out recent concerns on how to be a good eco-traveler in an ecotourism economy. Read More
Eco-friendly Soda

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Eco-friendly Soda and Environment Enjoy

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Soda happens to be a highly popular drink nowadays but it isn’t exactly eco- friendly. No matter which flavor or brand you prefer, you should think about the soda you are guzzlin Read More
Eco-Friendly Nail Care

Avoid Harmful Nail Polish: Three Tips To Make Eco-Friendly Your Nail Care

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Manicured and well-polished nails definitely look great. Looking beautiful has its price. Although people like looking at manicured nails, it can cost people more than they have ho Read More
Chairs Eco-friendly

Six Tips To Make Your Chairs Eco-friendly

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Walk in a house and you’re bound to see a place to sit, which is called a chair. It is one of the most used and important furnishings in houses. Its frame is either made from woo Read More
Eco-Friendly Lotion

Three Tips To Using Eco-Friendly Lotion

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Do you know that skin can absorb almost 60 percent of whatever you apply to it? Many men and women are more conscious of maintaining their skin’s moisture. They buy different ski Read More
Eco-Friendly Roof

000Top Three Tips On How To Get An Eco-Friendly Roof

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It is estimated that more than a hundred million tons of trash that is related to demolition and construction projects are sent to landfills each and every year. Out of all of this Read More
Eco-Friendly Windows

Four Tips On How To Be Eco-Friendly With Your Windows

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Did you know that windows contribute to around 30 percent of a home’s heat gain and loss through direct conduction via glass and through air leakage via window assembly? Read More
Ways To Green Your Next Halloween

Five Ways To Green Your Next Halloween

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Halloween is an enjoyable holiday for all kids and adults alike. All the candy giving, costume making and parties are very much looked forward to. However, all of these things have Read More
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