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Driller Seeks to Overturn Roan Plateau Victory

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Natural riches at stake in Colorado plateau area The Roan Plateau has been ranked as one of the four most biologically rich areas in Colorado.  (Michael Freeman) The Roan Plat Read More

Victories Bring Hope As 2012 Begins

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Power of law shines through political rhetoric We will continue to use the law to protect wild places, propel the clean energy economy forward, and safeguard our health. As 2012 be Read More

Whales and Wolves: The Hollywood Versions

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Using the power of popular media to educate or misinform The uplifting movie Big Miracle, opening this weekend, has the power to educate people across the country about America&rsq Read More

Scofflaw Bison Occupy Private Grazing Lands Near Yellowstone

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Authorities called in to detain 27 animals A bison, but not one of the 27 bison transported back to Yellowstone. A group of 27 bison occupying privately owned grazing lands outside Read More

More Wild Bison Return Home To Montana

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Native Americans welcome animals back to where they once belonged Two of the first wild bison born last spring. (Bill Campbell) Some extra thunder rumbled into north central Montan Read More

World Wetlands Day: Happy Underrated Water Body Day!

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Nothing compares to wetlands in terms of dollars saved, disasters prevented In addition to being Groundhog Day, Feb. 2 is World Wetlands Day. Say what? An international day to cele Read More

Drillers Make a Play for Thompson Divide

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Richly forested lands in W. Colorado could become industrial zone The Thompson Divide is clearly a keystone of the region, the state and the West.  (EcoFlight) There is n Read More

As Wildlife Dies, Outrage Mounts Over Florida Slime

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EPA turns back on stopping killer goo that chokes waterways, coastline Thousands of residents gathered in Stuart, FL to protest the government's coddling of polluters. (Justin Pars Read More

Poisoning The Well

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California urged to ban super toxic rat poison that kills unsuspecting wildlife A photo of P-25. Credit: National Park Service She was one of 26 mountain lions being studied by Nat Read More

Defending a Species Paradise

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Earthjustice uses the ESA to protect Hawai‘i’s many vulnerable species The Oʻahu ʻelepaio, a native flycatcher, relies on the forests that ring Mākua Val Read More
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