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China Prepares to Steal United States’ Thunder, May Launch Cap-and-Trade within Five Years

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  Just when leaders in the U.S. Senate admitted to abandoning their plan of issuing a federal climate bill by the end of this year, top Chinese officials were discussing how t Read More

The greens’ proposal for a carbon tax

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by David Spratt[First published for the second Australian Climate Action Summit, 12 March 2010]On 21 January, The Greens proposed a “levy on polluters” or carbon price/ Read More

Crony carbonism deal breaking apart?

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It’s way past time to recognize that UNFCCC’s cap-and-trade, loss and damage compensation and other global wealth redistribution agendas have little or nothing to do wi Read More
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  • Date Added: Jun 24, 2013
  • By Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

Record High for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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New Worldwatch Institute report critically examines global greenhouse gas emissionsWashington, D.C.—The disappointing climate conference in Warsaw, Poland—whi Read More

Hefty Subsidies Prop Up Unsustainable Energy System

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New Worldwatch Institute report reviews extent of global energy subsidies Washington, D.C.—Efforts by a variety of organizations to quantify global support for fossil fu Read More

An Analysis of France’s Climate Bill: Green Deal or Great Disillusion?

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France has passed a major new bill that will deeply transform the country's environmental laws, including its approach to climate change. But while the outcomes of the measure Read More

Global Air Transport Continues to Expand

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New Worldwatch Institute report examines the expansion of global air transportationWashington, D.C.—In 2012, the number of people traveling on airplanes reached 2,9 Read More
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