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Emerging Actors in Development Finance: A Closer Look at Chinese and Brazilian Overseas Investments

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The landscape of development finance is changing rapidly. Traditionally, international financial flows moved from developed countries to developing countries. In the last decade, h Read More

The New Frontier in Environmental Finance

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China’s overseas presence has brought a new way of doing business to the world. Chinese/中文 (PDF, 3 pages, 452 Kb) By 2030, China may become the larges Read More

World Bank vs. World Bank: Protecting Safeguards in a “Modern” International Institution

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The World Bank has begun an effort to strengthen its environmental and social safeguards. But how relevant will these safeguards be after the Bank’s parallel proposals to &ld Read More

The Road to the Green Climate Fund

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This post originally appeared on the World Bank blog Development in a Changing Climate The UN Climate Talks in December 2010 concluded with a set of decisions known as the Cancun A Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Study Finds Federal Climate Policy Scenarios Would Have Modest Credit Impacts for Most U.S. Chemicals Subsectors

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S&P, WRI Release Report on Climate Policy Scenarios and the US Chemicals Industry Government actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would have a modest credit impact Read More

World Bank Energy Strategy Must Address Energy Poverty and Climate Change

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In consultations, a range of countries and interest groups have called for an energy strategy that supports sustainable development. The World Bank is in the final stages of drafti Read More

PRESS RELEASE: New Paper Lays Out Smart Policies for Renewable Energy Growth

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Offers six principles of smart energy policy for developing countries A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that 77 percent of the world&rs Read More

Public-Private Partnerships, Financial Extraction and the Growing Wealth Gap

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Exploring the connections Author:  Nicholas Hildyard The gap between rich and poor has widened massively over the past 30 years, within and between countries. Such inequality Read More

Have Countries Delivered on Fast-Start Climate Finance?

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As the reporting deadline for 2010 looms, developed countries will need to prove that they are honestly meeting their modest $30 billion commitment. Today, WRI releases an updated Read More

"Looking for the Radical:" Clean Energy Game-Changers in Asia

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Jennifer Morgan delivered the following speech on June 24, 2011 at the closing plenary of the 6th Annual Asian Clean Energy Forum in Manila, Philippines. Asian Development Bank (AD Read More
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