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Overview of Kyoto Protocol: Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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This is an overview of the Kyoto Protocol, a legally binding agreement under which industrialized countries will control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stop the increase in Read More

Why Is Hydro-Québec So Intent on Overselling Its Hydropower?, Part II

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CLF has been asking questions about the carbon footprint of large-scale Canadian hydropower since before the Northern Pass project’s inception. I recently raised our concerns Read More

Latest Research: Northern Pass Worse for the Climate than Advertised

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Hydro-Québec hydroelectric projects recently commissioned or under construction (Source: Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife) Reducing the region’s emiss Read More

What would Northern Pass mean for our climate?

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The Eastmain Powerhouses from space (photo credit: NASA) Beyond the discredited sales pitch that Northern Pass will lower electric rates in New Hampshire, the developers have repea Read More

Zombie Talking Point on Northern Pass Climate Benefits Rises Again

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(photo credit: flickr/macwagen) With last month’s Northern Pass route announcement and last week’s filing of an amended application for a Presidential Permit, Northeast Read More

Groundbreaking Settlement Reached on Salem Natural Gas Facility

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In a groundbreaking settlement with Footprint Power on its proposed natural gas facility in Salem, MA, the plant developers agreed to emissions limits and a future shutdo Read More

Sensible Thoughts About the Proposed Salem MA Gas-Fired Power Plant

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The editorial page of the Boston Globe today weighed in on the natural gas-fired power plant that a New Jersey based company (Footprint Power) is seeking to build in Salem, Massach Read More

EPA must follow the law, set rules for power plants

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While harm from climate change becomes more apparent every day, EPA is dragging its feet in setting much-needed limitations on greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants. This Read More

The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today – The Clearest Statement on Climate Science From the Most Definitive Source

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You just can’t find a more solid, conservative, reliable and grounded group than the American Geophysical Union.  Since 1919 the AGU has been the hub of the physical sci Read More

Northern Pass Response to Hydropower Emissions Research Rings Hollow

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(photo credit: flickr/massdistraction) We appreciate Northern Pass spokesman Martin Murray’s comment on my prior post regarding recent research on the greenhouse gas emission Read More
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