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Food Hubs Can Help Grow a More Resilient Food System in Maine

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Locally grown food could soon get a boost in Maine. Photo Credit: *w* via Compfight cc The average Maine meal travels 1,900 miles from field to fork. With that distance come numero Read More

Act Now to Support Maine Farms and Food!

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The Maine legislature is considering a bill that would help Maine farms bring more of their food to our tables. “An Act To Support School Nutrition and Expand the Local Foods Read More

Cute, Trendy Backyard Chickens are Spreaders of What?!

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In recent years, chickens have come home to roost in backyards across the country. While the numbers are hard to document, cities and towns all over the U.S. are taking up the issu Read More

There He Goes Again — Governor LePage Says “No” to Maine-Grown Food

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Last week, Maine Governor Paul LePage vetoed a bill that would help Maine farmers and fishermen bring more of their food to institutional markets: “An Act To Support School N Read More

Local Food Film Festival 2011 Short Film Competition

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The Local Food Film Festival 2011 is calling for entries into its first short film competition. With $1,000 in prize money, the winning film will be screened at the annual Festival Read More
Eat Local Foods Coalition

Eat Local Foods Coalition

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The Eat Local Foods Coalition (ELFC) is a state-wide coalition that seeks to put more Maine food on more Maine tables more often. Read More

Be a Locavore: Eat Local Food and Indulge in Flavor

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Food travels for thousands of miles before it hits your plate. This spells disaster for your tastebuds and your health—not to mention global warming and climate change. A tasty Read More
Eco-frinedly eating food

Ten Healthy Go Green Tips For Purchasing, Preparing and Eating Foods

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Eating food. It’s something you need to do each day to get the nutrients you need to survive. You may find yourself by needed essentials nearly three or four times a week, perhap Read More
Go green in the Kitchen!

Organic & Green Kitchen

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The kitchen is the one area of the house where we lose the most energy and create the most waste. Thus, the best place to start going green in your house is the kitchen. These 10 t Read More
Eco- Friendly Dining

Five Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly When Dining Out

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Where do you plan on eating out next? Do you want to visit a Chinese or Japanese restaurant? Do you want to eat at a four-star restaurant or at a diner? Would you prefer to eat-in Read More
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