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Ocean Acidification

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Acidification is a result of the ocean absorbing large quantities of carbon dioxide, which is produced as a by-product of human activities such as burning fossil fuels, land-use ch Read More
Coral Bleaching

Coral Bleaching

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Coral bleaching occurs when, due to stress, the coral expels the zooxanthellae algae with which it has a symbiotic relationship. This stress can come in the form of higher water te Read More

The astounding global warming impact on our oceans that will reduce cloud cover and bring tears to your eyes

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Ocean acidification will just not kill significant ocean ecosystems, but add even more to global warmingby David SprattAnother significant global warming positive feedback that wil Read More

IPCC summary report at a glance, in their own words

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via Climate News NetworkRELATED STORIESReal Climate: The new IPCC climate reportMonbiot: Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdownIPCC report underlines the need for clima Read More

Meet the Pteropods: Looking Out for the Little Guys

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Image courtesy of Arctic Exploration 2002, Russ Hopcroft, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, NOAA/OER Sharks need pteropods, and so do you! At the risk of looking at the world throug Read More

The interplay of upwelling and ocean acidification along the U.S. West Coast

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Source: PMEL Carbon Program from NOAA The U.S. West Coast is a site of dynamic and intense carbon cycling and may be particularly vulnerable to ocean acidification due to a combina Read More

The Rhode Island Local Food Forum: Getting Food Policy Right in RI

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Last week I attended the Ninth Annual Rhode Island Local Food Forum, organized by Farm Fresh Rhode Island. The forum’s theme was “Center of the Plate,” reflecting Read More

This Week on – October 8-12

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October 10 – WHOI scientist Sarah Cooley studies the impacts of ocean acidification – Talking Fish interviews Sarah Cooley, a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scien Read More

Ocean Acidification: The Other Carbon Dioxide Problem

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Source: NOAA Fundamental changes in seawater chemistry are occurring throughout the world's oceans. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the release of carbon dioxide Read More

Ocean acidification emerges as new climate threat

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By Juliet Eilperin, Published: September 30, 2012 HOMER, Alaska — Kris Holderied, who directs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Kasitsna Bay La Read More
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