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Go Green with Home Wind Power

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Most electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants. These plants belch mercury and global warming greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the air. You can go green b Read More

Storing Wind Power for Electricity

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Storing Wind Power for Electricity. Wind Powered Electricity When the Wind Doesn’t Blow. The variability of wind speed causes problems for power production from wind farms. A way Read More
Wind Energy - Wind Turbines - Wind Farm

Wind Power

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Wind energy is harnessed by using the kinetic motion wind creates in large wind turbines. Overall wind power only accounts for 1% of the worlds power production, but it makes up 19 Read More

Limits of Wind Powered Electricity

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Pollution Free Wind Power is Not Problem Free Electricity. Wind power is often suggested as an alternative to coal fired generation of electricity. While wind power is clean, there Read More
Eco-Friendly Roof

000Top Three Tips On How To Get An Eco-Friendly Roof

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It is estimated that more than a hundred million tons of trash that is related to demolition and construction projects are sent to landfills each and every year. Out of all of this Read More
Zero Emission Resource Organisation

Zero Emission Resource Organisation

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Zero Emission Resource Organisation or ZERO is a Norwegian environmental organisation that was founded in 2002 to work with reduction of greenhouse gases, primarily in Norway. Read More
US President-elect Barack Obama

President-elect Barack Obama: Where He Stands on the Environment

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On November 4th Barack Obama was elected the next president of the United States. When he takes office on January 20th, 2009, Obama has big plans for the environment. Just what wil Read More

Wind Power and the Bowers Project – Who’s Right?

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It’s constant, it’s overwhelming, and it’s likely never to go away. What is it?  It’s information overload. We live in an age where everyone has an opi Read More

China Leads Growth in Global Wind Power Capacity

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012New Worldwatch Institute report discusses worldwide developments in wind powerWashington, D.C.—Global installed wind power capacity continued to grow i Read More

Trade Winds, Sound Policies Push Portugal to the Renewable Energy Forefront

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Typically, the Scandinavian countries and Germany have set the example in the European renewables field. Yet lately, a Southern country - Portugal - has attracted attention after d Read More
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