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Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

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Buying eco-friendly light bulbs can be a challenge with so many choices now available. Many consumers are still unsure what casts the most flattering light and what equates to the Read More

Defending the Underdog: The Bright Side of Energy-Saving CFL Bulbs

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The switch to energy-saving light bulbs is still a gradual one, and even promotional incentives and giveaways can't ameliorate the situation. The problem with CFL bulbs in particul Read More

The vexed problem of lighting

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I think that pretty much all of us are aware of the energy-saving CFL option for our lights. I have a number of CFLs installed, but CFL bulbs can only go so far. They are eco produ Read More

Talking Mercury at the State House

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By Dave Gerraughty, Rhode Island Program Organizer My adrenalin was on overdrive and my nerves were jangling a bit as I was called to testify before the Rhode Island House Environm Read More
Don't introduce toxic chemicals in the bedroom

Going Green in Your Bedroom

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You may think that there is not much you can do to go green in your bedroom, but really there is! Our top ten tips will make your bedroom a healthier place not only for the environ Read More
Invite sunlight into your office.

Reduce Your Office Energy Consumption

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Reducing your office's energy consumption is crucial to creating a more sustainable society. Here are ten tips to help your office stop sucking up electricity. Read More

Change a Bulb and Receive a CFL bulb from a Vineyard?! Green Lighting in many ways!

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During the month of March, leading up to Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2011, and through the month of April, Rodney Strong Vineyards is giving away energy efficient CFL light bulbs Read More

Energy Conservation Update From Starbucks. Fell Short But Going Greener!

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Source: Starbucks Energy use accounts for roughly 80 percent of our carbon footprint1, making it our greatest opportunity for improvement. One of the important ways we’re wor Read More

Bringing Efficiency to the Natural Gas Niche

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My wife and I just moved into a new (to us) apartment in Cambridge and, as is often the case, were faced with a hodge-podge of leftover light bulbs in the fixtures – some too Read More
Go green in the Kitchen!

Organic & Green Kitchen

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The kitchen is the one area of the house where we lose the most energy and create the most waste. Thus, the best place to start going green in your house is the kitchen. These 10 t Read More
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