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International Carnivorous Plant Society

International Carnivorous Plant Society

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The International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) is an organization of horticulturists, conservationists, scientists, and educators all interested in sharing knowledge and news o Read More
Australian Carnivorous Plant Society

Australian Carnivorous Plant Society

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Established in Adelaide in 1982 by a small nucleus of dedicated enthusiasts, the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society has grown to an organisation with a world-wide membership. Read More
The Tasmanian Devil can be a ferocious critter!

Tasmanian Devils: One of the Last Carnivorous Marsupials

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The ferocious Tasmanian Devil, which inspried the cartoon character Taz, is now edging dangerously towards extinction due to human interferance and a decimating disease. Read More

Meerkat customs

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Now they may be cute and small, but Meerkats are actually the most challenging group of animals our Carnivores keepers care for. They are powerful little critters with a very compl Read More
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  • Date Added: Apr 30, 2013
  • By Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Our carnivore keeper, Jodie, has been carrying a special backpack to work for th...

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Our carnivore keeper, Jodie, has been carrying a special backpack to work for the past month. Jodie has taken on the role of surrogate mum to Swamp Wallaby joey, Khaleesi, who was Read More
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  • Date Added: Nov 13, 2014
  • By Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Top Photos: 20 Years Camera-trapping India’s Elusive Carnivores

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India is a haven for elusive animals, with close to 50 species of wild carnivores. Krithi Karnath, WCS Associate Conservation Scientist, takes a look back at 20 years of successful Read More

The Ferocious Bladderwort Plant!

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Flickr credit: Pellaea You may have heard of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) and its carnivorous eating habits, but did you know that there are other plants that hunt? In fac Read More

An Elusive Forest Carnivore Grows Scarcer

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Fisher numbers in northwestern California are falling. A new WCS study finds the population of these elusive forest predators dropped 73 percent in less than a decade. Read More
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