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High-Efficiency Halogen Lamps: Energy-Efficient Lighting for Recessed Downlights

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For added ambient light, homeowners rely on recessed downlights or cans in their kitchens, offices, or other gathering places. With these lights in continuous use for four hours or Read More

Defending the Underdog: The Bright Side of Energy-Saving CFL Bulbs

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The switch to energy-saving light bulbs is still a gradual one, and even promotional incentives and giveaways can't ameliorate the situation. The problem with CFL bulbs in particul Read More

MSI LED Company Gets Luke Classen For Green Lighting Their Northeast Sales

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MSi Solid State Lighting is proud to announce the appointment of Luke Classen as Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast United States.  Classen will be headquartered in the Read More
Green Lighting

Green Lighting

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Man as a creature of nature, is and always has been somewhat nyctophobic (afraid of the dark). With sight as homo-sapiens prime sensory input, the exclusion of that input promotes Read More

Which LED Light?

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Read More

LED light bulb going for 20 Bucks unveiled at lighting industry event

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SWITCH Unveils Next Generation LED A-Lamp at LIGHTFAIRSWITCH infinia™ available in 40 and 60 watt-equivalent models this summer for under $20 April 24, 2013 – Philadelp Read More

Toshiba Launches Downlight LED Replacement Module

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New product provides design flexibility and low maintenance solution Toshiba International Corporation, November 8, 2012 – Toshiba International Corporation announced today t Read More

Taronga’s Wildlife Enjoying Winter These Holidays

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Meerkat being observed by visitors Show Taronga’s animals are keeping busy these school holidays with a little help from their keepers this winter. There’s lots of Read More
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  • Date Added: Jul 2, 2013
  • By Taronga Conservation Society Australia
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