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Buy credits to offset your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Travel

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Green corporate travel is the wave of the future, but are you stuck in the past? Get out of your rut and set and example by following these top ten tips for eco-friendly business t Read More

Offset your smaller electronic goods as a combo package

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Offset your Laptop, ipod, mobile phones and ADSL Modem as one package. Read More
Forget the car, relax and enjoy your vacation.

Eco-Friendly Vacationing

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Taking a green vacation isn't just about eco-tourirm, it's also about relaxing and using your common sense. If you want to take more eco-friendly vacations, here are ten tips to ge Read More


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Read More

Climatefirst foundation LTD

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We have created climatefirst to help people understand the connection between their consumption and the environment. We examine the assumption that the earth’s resources are ther Read More

Offsetting is a massive threat to wildlife, warn environment groups

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Biodiversity offsetting is already being used by developers to justify schemes that will cause irreversible harm to nature, warn over 15 environment groups across the world today ( Read More
Carbon Footprint Go Green

Carbon Footprints 101: What is it and how to Reduce Yours

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Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced as a direct result of the ways that you live your life. Reducing our individual carbon footprints is the r Read More

Government should scrap risky biodiversity offsetting plans

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Commenting on the Government’s response, published today, to a critical report of its biodiversity offsetting policy by a committee of MPs last November, Friends of the Earth Read More

Biodiversity offsetting should get the chop, not ancient forests

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Responding to suggestions from Environment Secretary Owen Paterson today (Saturday 4 January 2014) that developers could be allowed to destroy ancient woodland if they agree to pla Read More

Offsets can help Canada reduce GHG emissions while maintaining industrial competitiveness

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  WINNIPEG—December 19, 2011—New analysis by the International Institute for Sustainable Development identifies carbon offsets as a key opportunity to cost-effecti Read More
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  • Date Added: Dec 19, 2011
  • By International Institute for Sustainable Development
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