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Ficus elastica (Rubber Plant)

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Ficus elastica Just what makes that little old ant, Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant Anyone knows an ant, can’t – Move a rubber tree plant But he’s g Read More
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  • Date Added: Dec 11, 2012
  • By Sustainable Gardening Australia

Productive Pots

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Plants in pots… it’s hardly a new or revolutionary concept… I mean, we are all well acquainted with the potted Maidenhair fern in the bathroom, a dusty ‘Par Read More
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  • Date Added: Oct 23, 2011
  • By Sustainable Gardening Australia

Top Ten Spooky Plants

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Put away the jack-o-lantern carving and the spooktacular costume planning for a second because it is time for a very special Top Ten. This countdown is filled with plants that put Read More

Salem Harbor Enforced Shutdown: The Beginning of the End for Old Coal in New England

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Protest at Salem Harbor Power Plant. Courtesy of Robert Visser / Greenpeace. This week the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and HealthLink secured an Order from the US Distri Read More

Brayton Point Retirement Means Game Over for Coal in New England

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Last week, Conservation Law Foundation and its allies cheered the news that New England’s largest coal plant, Brayton Point Station in Somerset, Massachusetts, will shut down Read More

Candies That Come From Plants

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While you are enjoying your Valentine’s Day treats or Halloween sweets, do you ever wonder where that candy you are eating comes from? It might surprise you to find out that Read More

By Youth For Youth Planting Day

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Restoration site before: And after: Lazaro Trinidad was grinning when he saw all the plants about to go into the ground along the Ballona Creek behind the Mar Vista Family Center&# Read More

Clean Air Act Digest, 9.23.13

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  UPDATES Senate: After two weeks of attempting, without success, to come to agreement on a list of amendments to consider, the Senate set aside the Shaheen-Portman energy eff Read More

Clean Air Act Digest, 11.18.13

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  UPDATES Congress: Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) have released draft legislation that would repeal the current Clean Air Act authority to set Read More

Sensible Thoughts About the Proposed Salem MA Gas-Fired Power Plant

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The editorial page of the Boston Globe today weighed in on the natural gas-fired power plant that a New Jersey based company (Footprint Power) is seeking to build in Salem, Massach Read More
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