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Poverty is real in developed and undeveloped nations


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Poverty in the developing world - a devastating problem. Close to 50 percent of the earth’s human inhabitants, that’s 3 billion people, live in poverty, subsisting on less the Read More
celebrate good times

The Society for Designating Sustainable Places to Poo

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2.6 billion people lack a designated place to poo that is appropriate. Our aims are modest.Find, build, raise funds and awareness for "sustainable" designated places to poo. Read More

Wall Street Makes Me Sick: Economic Inequality and Our Health

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Recent events around Occupy Wall Street and local occupy movements around the country have raised concerns about corporate power and inequality that polls show are shared by the ma Read More

Land Degradation

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Land degradation is the concept that land can be adversely affected by many human processes. These human processes include poor farming practices, overgrazing, clear cutting, urban Read More
Sand dunes in death valley national park


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Desertification is the process whereby through human intervention; and degradation occurs and local flora and fauna are lost. This leads to the creation of sand dunes through erosi Read More

Fuel Taxes and the Poor

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Fuel Taxes and the Poor challenges the conventional wisdom that gasoline taxation, an important and much-debated instrument of climate policy, has a disproportionately detrimental Read More

The China Bubble: Demographics: Old/Young, Rich/Poor, Urban/Rural

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By Richard Heinberg, posted May 31, 2011: This article is the third part Chapter 5 of Richard Heinberg's new book 'The End of Growth', which is set for publication by New Society P Read More

WWF partners with India's Barefoot College to support solar power for the poor

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Gland, Switzerland - WWF has concluded an MOU with the Barefoot College of India to train rural women as solar engineers.And today, the first group of seven women depart their rura Read More

Global Inequality - All people should share the world’s resources.

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You should go green because everyone on earth (not just the wealthiest people in the most developed countries) should evenly share the world's resources. global inequality Read More

Climate Policy Should Consider the Needs of the Poor

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded in Brussels on Thursday that climate change is inevitable, adaptation to it is critical and that those who contribute Read More
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  • Date Added: Apr 6, 2007
  • By International Institute for Sustainable Development
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