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An Arctic Experience to the "Place of Spirits" with Students on Ice

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Students on Ice participants in Torngat National Park What happens when you place 65 young people from all walks of life, 45 teachers, mentors, musicians and coaches on a floating Read More

Redesigning the Greenpeace Student Board to Maximize Power Shift 2013 Recruitment!

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Last summer I graduated from the Greenpeace Semester. I loved last summer so much and immediately became obsessed with grassroots organizing.After I graduated from the GPS, I appli Read More

Florida Board of Governors Rejects Student Led Green Fund Proposals

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In a unexpected move, the Board of Governors voted on Thursday to reject Student Green Fund proposals from both Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU) Read More

Can bankruptcy discharge my student debt?

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Until recently, the opinion regarding filing for bankruptcy to get rid of student debt was, “don’t do it.” The main reason for this is that traditionally, it was Read More

University Vows to Lock Out Students Opposed to ExxonMobil

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By Asher, posted Apr 28, 2011: UPDATE: April 29th: We received an email from one of the students organzing the protest with the following news: We won. Students who wish to avoid T Read More

Alabama Students Unite for Green Investments on Four Campuses

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Congress may be stuck in political gridlock, but the youth climate movement is running full speed ahead. Case in point: College students in Alabama are kicking off 2013 with an unp Read More

How We Made Edinburgh Uni Divest From Drones

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Several months ago I was asked if I would write a piece on how the Edinburgh Responsible Investment (RI) campaign achieved its first major success – the University’s di Read More

The Arctic Expedition: All Aboard for Adventure

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We caught up with guest blogger Joey as he explores Iceland and takes to the high seas! Joey painting. Photo credit: Lee Narraway, Students on Ice Ahoy! Hello from aboard the Clipp Read More

UNC at Chapel Hill - Moving "Beyond Coal" Beyond Traditional Activism

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Just a quick update on some things we have done at UNC to kick some coal ash this past week:Hosting a Student Body President Forum on Sustainability – ‘Beyond Coal ditc Read More

UNH Students Respond to Foundation's Official Statment on Divestment From Fossil Fuels

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Written by: Fiona Gettinger, Fiona is a Sophmore at the Univerisity of New Hampshire majoring in Environmental Conservation Studies, she is also a campus coordinator with the Green Read More
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