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The greens’ proposal for a carbon tax

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by David Spratt[First published for the second Australian Climate Action Summit, 12 March 2010]On 21 January, The Greens proposed a “levy on polluters” or carbon price/ Read More

Americans for Tax Reform and Grover Norquist's Deceptive Campaigns for Dirty Energy and Big Tobacco

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Crossposted from Checks & Balances ProjectGrover Norquist is a familiar player in Washington debates, renowned for convincing nearly every Republican in Congress to sign a pled Read More

On Tax Day – Let’s End the Subsidies

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By Nic Clark, Michigan Director Follow Nic on Twitter – @ClarkNic Remember the Enbridge oil spill in the summer of 2010? We’re quickly approaching the four-year anniver Read More

Landfill tax changes on fines increase skip hire prices

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HMRC’s recent ruling that fines from transfer stations and also waste materials used to cover landfill sites will be subject to the full £64 per tonne landfill tax rate Read More

Hats off to The Robin Hood Tax in WA

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Campaigners in Perth, Fremantle, Nedlands and Burswood took to the streets this week to mark the Robin Hood tax Global Day of Action by donning local statues with Robin Hood hats. Read More

Carbon Tax: Only Having Chicken Little Effect On Dairy

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A study by Melbourne University indicates the carbon tax is having little effect on dairy farmers......and chickens coming home to roost (See below)While dairy farms are big users Read More

Property Tax Incentives for Forest Conservation in the U.S. South

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Current use valuation programs can encourage landowners to resist development pressures and leave forest as forest. Development pressure on the outskirts of cities throughout the s Read More

Europe looks set to adopt a Robin Hood Tax

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In its quest to reduce its reliance on direct financial contributions from member states, the European Commission has set its sights on that most elusive of political game – Read More

One simple tip to turn a difficult time of year into something good (for our water)

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by Jonathan A. Scott (twitter handle @jscottnh) Sorry, no tips here for dealing with extreme winter weather or the spring that never seems to come. This is about the dreaded lead-i Read More

Saving Sea Otters Is No Taxing Effort

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With the tax deadline looming there is still time for Californians to help make a positive difference for sea otters by donating as little as $1 to the California Sea Otter Tax Fun Read More
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