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Scuba Diving, Tuk Tuks and the Heaviest Backpack Ever!

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Ty and Caitlin check back in from Thailand as they leave the Cat and Dog Rescue and head out in search of elephants. Howdy Earth Rangers! It’s Ty, from Team TC, and I wanted Read More

Papers covering the major bleaching event in Thai waters in 2010

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PHUKET MARINE BIOLOGICAL CENTRE RESEARCH BULLETIN No 71 – free online access A compilation of papers (listed below) covering the major bleaching event in Thai waters in 2010 Read More

Saving Thailand’s Elephants

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Emily and Ryan write to us from deep in the Thai jungle at a wildlife sanctuary where they have met a few new friends, including 34 elephants that call this nature park home. Greet Read More

A History of Thailand’s Helpful Elephants

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Ty and Caitlin check in from high in the mountains where they get a great look at not just the scenery but also how important elephants are in Thailand. Off the Balcony staring at Read More

Returning Home from Thailand and Getting Back to Class

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Global Vets volunteers Ty and Caitlin have returned to Ontario and are busy getting back into the swing of Veterinary Collage. But before we say our final farewells to these globe Read More

Meeting Thailand’s Dogs and Cats

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Global Vets’ explorers Ty and Caitlin have landed in Thailand and set to work helping the local cat and dog population. Get all the details in their first blog post! Cat nap Read More

A Baby Elephant is Born

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Global Vets’ volunteers, Ryan and Emily, are putting their veterinary skills to good use as they help a newborn elephant in their latest update from Thailand. Hi Earth Ranger Read More

Thailand Floods Map & Updates

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The recent floods in Thailand have been widely reported by the global media, although at times these reports almost present an image of a nation underwater. Whilst the affected reg Read More

Thai Food and Baby Elephants

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With their time in Bangkok over, Caitlin and Ty head to Chiang Mai to start the next part of their adventure. Check out their story as they leave behind the cats and dogs and moved Read More

Ten-thousand call for an Energy [R]evolution in Thailand

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10,000 people in Thailand took to the streets near their homes to oppose dirty energy. Their goal: protect their province from coal plants slated to be built by the Electricity Gen Read More
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  • Date Added: Feb 27, 2011
  • By Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand
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