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Eco-Friendly Toys

10 Tips To Keep Your Children Safe

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You already know that your children will be the future that will inherit the Earth. It’s important that they inherit a world that isn’t full of dangerous chemicals. You also do Read More
Non Eco-Friendly Toys

8 Ways To Keep Toxic and Other Non Eco-Friendly Toys from Your Child

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While it’s great for children to play, there are some items that should never be touched by children: poisons, toxins, gasoline, petroleum, fire, etc. Read More
Green Kids Toys

Kids Toys

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There is an old saying that says, “You shall reap what you sow”. In our case we may never get to do the reaping, but our children certainly shall. The things that we give our Read More
Eco-friendly Playtime Fun

Eco-friendly Playtime Fun

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Playtime is essential for your baby’s development. It promotes social skills, helps with physical development and builds imagination. Read More
Love yourself and the earth, guilt free!

Love yourself and the earth, guilt free!

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Scarlet Girl goes green with a sex toy recycling program and Green Business CertificationRead More
Save electricity and have a candlelit dinner.

Get a Green Sex Life

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Though it may not be an area where you thought you could improve, you can become a better lover, by getting a green sex life. So, turn off the thermostat, dim the lights, and cuddl Read More
Eco-Friendly Baby Products

12 Tips For Going Green With Baby Products

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There are many changes to a family dynamic when a baby enters the picture. A baby needs furniture. A baby needs clothes. A baby needs diapers. There is much a baby needs that retai Read More
Eco-Friendly Pet

15 Tips To Make Your Pet and Its Environment Greener

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When you have a pet, they become more than a pet, they become family. With that in mind, isn’t it important that their health and well being be taken care of along with yours? Yo Read More

Scarlet Girl

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Read More

Holiday Shopping, the Smart Way

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CEH has worked hard for 15 years, wiping lead-tainted toys off store shelves and cleaning up the consumer products industry, eliminating lead, cadmium, and other toxics from the pr Read More
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  • Date Added: Dec 12, 2011
  • By Center for Environmental Health
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