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Wind Energy - Wind Turbines - Wind Farm

Wind Power

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Wind energy is harnessed by using the kinetic motion wind creates in large wind turbines. Overall wind power only accounts for 1% of the worlds power production, but it makes up 19 Read More

Prom Coast Guardians

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Prom Coast Guardians is a community-based organisation dedicated to the protection of the visual and environmental integrity of the Prom Coast's extraordinarily beautiful landscape Read More


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Hydroelectricity comes from harnessing the flow of moving bodies of water such as rivers. These rivers and dammed, and the force of the water rushing through the dam turns enormous Read More

Limits of Wind Powered Electricity

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Pollution Free Wind Power is Not Problem Free Electricity. Wind power is often suggested as an alternative to coal fired generation of electricity. While wind power is clean, there Read More

The Annoyance of Energy Independence

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Sleep is a wonderful thing, and it’s necessary for good health. As someone who doesn’t always get enough, I understand people’s concern that wind turbines are dis Read More

Wind power flagged for city sites

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Hobart Mercury15 August 2011 Page: 3WIND turbines could be installed on buildings across Tasmania, making the state a national leader in wind power, an expert says. wind turbine an Read More
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  • Date Added: Aug 18, 2011
  • By Gippsland Friends of Future Generations

GE wants to power up older wind turbines

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www.elp.com18 Oct 2013Earlier this year, General Electric Co (GE) launched a package of technologies and services to improve output from its newer wind turbines like the 2.5 120, c Read More
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  • Date Added: Nov 21, 2013
  • By Gippsland Friends of Future Generations

Denmark’s green energy future is built on offshore wind

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www.cphpost.dk11 Nov 2011Twenty years since it built its first offshore wind park, Denmark believes they are key to achieving a future free of fossil fuels. "There is a lot of wind Read More
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  • Date Added: Nov 16, 2011
  • By Gippsland Friends of Future Generations

Altamont Pass celebrates 'repowering' of wind farm

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www.mercurynews.com31 May 2012The hilly Altamont Pass region in eastern Alameda and Contra Costa counties is home to one of the nation's oldest wind farms, first developed in the 1 Read More
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  • Date Added: Jun 6, 2012
  • By Gippsland Friends of Future Generations

Personality clue to 'wind turbine syndrome'

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phys.org22 Mar 2013Public concern about new technology infrastructure like mobile phone masts has been shown to trigger reports of ill health… and recently even the new 'gre Read More
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  • Date Added: Apr 8, 2013
  • By Gippsland Friends of Future Generations
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