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Your Refrigerator CAN Go Green!


Refrigerators consume 7% of all household electricity. This does not need to be the case, energy consumption can be reduced if we start using it more efficiently.


How many is enough? 1 in 3 Canadian households have second fridges, either to use as beer fridges or for extra food. Is it totally necessary for you and your roommate to have your own fridges in school?


Refrigerators constructed before 2001 can use up to five times more energy than current models. This means that you are paying up to five times as much, and using more energy than you need to, if you have an older fridge.

Fluorocarbons – HFC and HCFC Refrigerants

Considered a major source of greenhouse gasses, HFC Refrigerants are contributors to global warming and subsequent climate change. Fluorocarbons have been “rebranded” by most refrigerator and air conditioner manufacturers as the happier sounding HFC and HCFC – FC stands for Fluorocarbon.

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